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Why the Need for Accurate Measurement Services

Out in the field, the oil goes into a tank. The container is then brought to a refinery where meters measure its contents. These measuring devices function similar to cash registers, giving you an idea of just how much money — or in this case, oil — is in each container. If you want to make sure that your meters are accurate, turn to Black Hawk Measurement & Consulting LLC.

Specialized Turnkey Solutions

We offer turnkey systems that are built according to client specifications. From sturdy hardware to efficient software, your refinery will be equipped with a comprehensive finished product.

Comprehensive Meter Support

We offer support and services for a wide range of meter types, including PD, turbine, and coriolis. We also monitor, calibrate, and repair base, sediment, and water (BS&W) detector cards.

Liquid Hydrocarbon Proving

We provide clients with complete design and fabrication of LACT/ACT units. We’ll do everything, from calibrating control systems and components to performing routine maintenance checks.

Sample Gathering Services

We provide clients with troubleshooting and maintenance services for their sample gathering devices. With our help, your equipment will provide accurate data untainted by contaminated samples.

Field Service Troubleshooting

Our technicians provide field service support for your measurement systems. They perform on-site maintenance as well as troubleshooting.

Let Us Serve You

We provide our services to oil refineries in Texas and New Mexico. Ensure your meters are accurate by getting in touch with us today.

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